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The Girl’s Guide to Accomplishing Just About Anything

by Debbie Reber

Teen girls have a lot on their plates. Overscheduled and overburdened, achieving goals can be a challenge when procrastination, crappy thinking, and other obstacles get in the way. In Doable, readers get to know themselves in a realistic way, leading them to blaze their own trail and turn a to-do list into concrete accomplishments, whatever those accomplishments may be.

My daughter is only six, but I am already reading her passages from Doable. Debbie is the perfect coach, guide, and mentor to ensure our teen girls love their lives, and grow into strong, confident women.” — Pamela Slim, author of Body of Work


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Through her writing, Deborah Reber is actually changing young girls’ lives by empowering them to tell their own stories, in their own words.

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[Chill] has just the right combination of smart wit, know-it-all bravado, and advice from a pseudo big sister. School Library Journal

[In Their Shoes] is the perfect guide for any girl who is ready to start deciding on what path they would like their career choice to take, and even for those who are just interested in reading about the amazing positions that are out there. Teens Read Too

You inspired me, and caused me to reflect. I know your energy and insight moved people.

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About Debbie

Debbie Reber is an author, speaker, and coach whose passion is boosting girls’ confidence and self-awareness so they can create whatever they want in their lives.


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From the Blog

How Teens Benefit by Reflecting on their Goal Pursuits (Step 8 of the Doable Process)

This is the last post in my ongoing series in which I offer parents, mentors, teachers, and people who work with teens an inside look at my new book Doable: The Girls’ Guide to Accomplishing Just About Anything, as well as share tips for supporting the girls in your life as they work towards their own goals. My last post covered Step 7 of the Doable process: Deal with Setbacks. This post covers the eighth and final step of the Doable process, DELIVER THE GOODS. This last step, which is devoted to acknowledging and reflecting on the outcome of any goal pursuit, is often overlooked. When one thing comes to a conclusion, many people tend to move on to whatever’s next without taking the time to pause. But because one of the primary goals of Doable is to help teens learn about themselves and discover how they can best create the life they want, this step is as critical as any other along the way. No matter what type of goal or To Do is being pursued, at some point there will be a “result” or outcome for the goal: Achieve it: Accomplishing the goal as stated Almost achieve it: Accomplishing the goal but not in the exact way envisioned Change course: Deciding along the way that the goal isn’t a priority anymore Fail to achieve it: Being unsuccessful in reaching the goal What I want teens to realize is that there is value in all four of these outcomes. The key to tapping into this value is REFLECTION. In Doable, I encourage girls to reflect on their journey by journaling their answer to the following questions, depending on the outcome of their pursuit: Achieving the Goal or Almost...