As a life coach, I work with people who are looking to make a change, take a creative leap, get unstuck, reconnect with their passion, or reach a mega-big goal. How? It’s simple, really. I ask my clients tough questions, honor them for who they are, hold them accountable, and cheer them on. (It would be fair to say that I love my job!). I work with a variety of clients, including:


I’ve written more than a half-dozen books aimed at helping teen girls think big about their career futures, understand how to make their dreams a reality, find their voice, take more control of their day-to-day life, and discover who they are. I’ve talked to groups of girls, big and small, about media literacy, stress reduction, and goal-setting. I’ve created a series of teen-authored memoirs to give a voice to talented teen writers and let the world hear their unique point of view. I bring all of this expertise to my coaching work with young women.



I believe everyone has a story to tell. I believe that no matter your writing goal — to finish a book, to get published, to self-publish, to become a blogger — you can absolutely make it happen. As the author of more than a dozen published books, I know what it takes to go through the pitching and publishing process, deal with writer’s block, and keep projects moving forward.

20-Somethings & Up

I love coaching motivated clients who are working towards a specific goal, want to get clarity around a sticky issue, or are looking to get unstuck so they can do their creative thing. If you’ve got things to do, create, make happen, manifest, but need a little support to get from point A to point B, I’d love to work with you.

What former clients are saying…

“The greatest thing about Debbie is her true intention to help me achieve my goals. I never knew how much fun it would be talking about ME! I look forward to my weekly session with Debbie.” – L.S., independent film producer

“Debbie helped me challenge assumptions, rethink what was possible, and clarify my deepest fears and hopes. Every call left me feeling inspired, energized, and focused.”- C.C., brand and content consultant

 “Debbie is a phenomenal life coach and I am grateful to have been introduced to her. She was key in guiding me to dig into how I was feeling, what it was that I wanted and how to then connect those to each other.” – C.L., human resources manager

 “Debbie is a natural as a life coach—she is supportive, compassionate, and she ignited a spark that I needed to dig deep and challenge beliefs and thoughts that were limiting my personal growth.” – J.J., independent school admissions and advancement director

 “I had many “a-ha” moments during our sessions. I’m so thankful for her coaching me to push past my self-imposed barriers and truly embrace my unique strengths and talents!” – M.A., health, wellness, and fitness consultant

** Interested in working with me? I offer free 15-minute introductory calls to determine if we’re a match and answer any questions you might have.**