Debbie Reber is powerfully shifting the way parents and educators perceive, support, and embrace today’s “new normal” generation of neurodiverse children.

Debbie has been speaking to large and small audiences in both North America and Europe on a variety of topics surrounding parenting, education, youth, and empowerment since 2003. Her approachable, energetic, highly personal method of storytelling and relating to her audience has brought her praise from event organizers, parents, educators, and young audiences. 


Shifting to the New Normal in Schools: 10 Tilts to Empower Differently Wired Kids and Their Teachers

There is a huge shift happening in the way we engage with neurologically atypical – or what Debbie calls “differently wired” – kids. And we’ve only seen the tip of the iceberg: the number of differently wired kids in each classroom is continuously rising, as are the expectations that schools will accept, adapt to, and understand these children, while being able to respond to their unique differences. How can schools embrace neurodiversity in a way that empowers teachers, differently wired kids and their classmates alike? How can teachers confidently support their unique learners and raise the consciousness in the classroom as a whole? Debbie shares the answers in a powerful and actionable set of “tilts” to bring on the differently wired revolution in your school today. (For educators)

Raising Differently Wired Kids: SOS for Parents in the Trenches

Marathon runners often talk about “hitting the wall,” the metaphor for reaching a point in the race where the body suddenly rebels against what they’re putting it through. This same thing happens to parents raising differently wired kids, except this wall tends to be built by running into the many limitations of the status quo for our children and families. If this sounds familiar, take solace: you are not alone. Behind every kid who is differently wired is likely to stand one or more frustrated, isolated, perhaps even burnt out-feeling adult. There are millions of us around the world. We’re everywhere, but often feel completely isolated raising our neurologically atypical kids. In this practical and actionable talk, Debbie shares ten powerful “tilts,” a.k.a. practical ideas to help parents shift their thinking and actions in a way that will help them feel more confidence and peaceful about their everyday reality, create a stronger family dynamic, and give their extraordinary children what they need to thrive. (For parents of atypical kids)

Why Differently-Wired is the "New Normal"

Today one in five children is in some way neurodiverse (ADHD, learning differences, autism spectrum disorder, giftedness, anxiety, sensory issues, and more) – or what Debbie calls “differently wired.” With this number only rising, chances are that every single one of us either knows at least one of these kids – or is raising one. Yet despite this ubiquitous population, they are stuck growing up in schools and societies that don’t recognize or embrace their gifts, talents, and modern-day evolution they represent. Difficulty in embracing these differently wired kids is pervasive. But it doesn’t need to be and, in fact, our futures will be brighter if we start talking openly about neurodiversity, erasing the stigmas that exist, rejecting systems that don’t accommodate these kids’ way of moving through the world, and empowering these extraordinary children to reach their potential.

In this much-needed talk for all parents, Debbie offers anecdotes, humor, inspiration and practical shifts (“tilts”) to implement in dealing with neurodiversity, while bringing us all closer to the paradigm shift that will help create a brighter future for all of our kids, and for the world. (All audiences)

Live From the Trenches: The New Normal that Tilted My Entire World

Today one in five children is in some way neurodiverse (ADHD, learning differences, autism spectrum disorder, giftedness, anxiety, sensory issues, and more) – or what Debbie calls “differently wired.” Most of us don’t quite know how to deal with these people in our world. Debbie didn’t…until she started raising a differently wired kid herself. It has been at many times challenging but just as many times enlightening… exciting… eye-opening… and often just plain hilarious being the mom of a differently wired child. In this very personal talk, Debbie shares stories and learning experiences from being Asher’s mom, a role that would later shape and inspire her mission to help create a new normal and to change the way the world approaches neurodiversity. (All audiences)


Words can’t express my deep gratitude and thanks for your beautiful presentation at the Profectum conference. The audience were just as thrilled as I with many singing your praises to us both verbally and on our conference reviews…all were so excited by your insight, warmth and inspired by your story! 

Ricki G. Robinson MD, MPH, Profectum Faculty

Your presentation was so engaging, heartfelt, and informative. I heard from many participants about how much it meant to them.
Rich Weinfeld, Weinfeld Education Group, Diamonds in the Rough Conference

Debbie Reber’s words of wisdom, empathy, and acceptance brought us together as a community and left us feeling inspired to continue supporting students who learn differently.

Beth Anderson, Executive Director of Hill Learning Center

Thank you for that incredible presentation at FIGT. Drawing attention to this work is crucial, and you’re doing it in an inspiring and respectable way. Huge kuddos.

Kate Berger, Expat Kids Club, FIGT Board Member

You inspired me, and caused me to reflect. I know your energy and insight moved people.

Parent attending BodyWise Conference, Pasadena, CA

Debbie was an exceptional and dynamic speaker at our inaugural Girls Rock! Summer Camp. Plain and simple: she rocks!

Natalie Walker, Executive Director, Girls Rock! Seattle

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