LANGUAGE OF LOVE (in Love, Love, Love Collection)

“Language of Love is a fun, quick read…and perfect for the upcoming months when the weather is nice and you just want a nice book to dive into.” — Shooting Stars Magazine

“[Language of Love] had an extra dose of originality, while still lining your stomach with cotton candy. I think that originality is found in the voice of the main character. It’s a melt-in-your-mouth read, one that’s fast and fun and has something that grounds it.” — Coffee and Cliffhangers


In Language of Love, Janna is quickly adapting to life in Seattle as a high school exchange student from Hungary. Or at least Julian, the cute boy she met in a coffee shop, thinks she is. The truth is, he overheard Janna using a phony accent, and now she’s stuck playing the part. Will Julian want to be with the real Janna? Or will she discover that lies don’t always translate to love?

Language of Love is part of the Romantic Comedies series from Simon Pulse, and is packaged in a two-book collection called Love, Love, Love. The second book in the collection is Cupidity by Caroline Goode. (Young Adult Fiction)

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Language of Love by Deborah Reber is her debut YA novel and it is terrific! [The book] has so many lessons in it for young girls. One of the quotes I liked came from Janna towards the end of the book…’…I had to wonder why it took me pretending to be someone else to figure out who I really was.’

Peeking Between the Pages

This is a cute and quick read, funny, romantic, and it has a well wrapped up, satisfying ending.

Blkosiner's Book Blog

Despite the cliches in Language of Love, the characters were all really well written. I really enjoyed how much Janna transformed throughout the novel.

Zoe's Book Reviews

Language of Love was just a hilarious, fun, and sweet story with amazing cool  main characters. Janna was just very hilarious when she was trying to act as a Hungarian exchange student. Of course it came out, but at the end, everything was good, just as romantic comedies should be!

Marjolein Reads